2 Safety Tips for Using Crane Borers


Crane borers have been used extensively in the construction industry. In the power supply industry, lifter borers are used to install and remove power poles. As an individual or company working with such cranes, it is a requirement to follow the work health and safety regulations to ensure the safety of operators and other third parties exposed to health and safety risks. This highlights why regular maintenance and inspection of the cranes is necessary.

5 December 2018

Do you have the right earthmoving equipment?


If you are planning a landscaping or building project in the near future, then you will probably be considering how best to move large amounts of earth around on your site, either for landscaping purposes, to level the area prior to construction or to dig trenches and lay pipes. Whatever your reasons for earthmoving, you will need to ensure you have the correct equipment available to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

6 November 2018

Understanding the Different Types of Earthmoving Equipment to Rent


If you're a homeowner looking to do some major work on your property, or a contractor taking on a large landscaping project, you may want to rent some earthmoving equipment. This will make the work easier and safer for you, and it may allow you to manage certain exterior renovation projects without hiring someone else to assist, or to do the work for you. Note a few different types of earthmoving equipment you might rent, so you know which would be the right choice for your particular project.

30 April 2018

3 things to think about before you hire a forklift truck


Commonly found in warehouses throughout Australia, forklift trucks take much of the work out of shifting heavy boxes around the site. They reduce the need to conveyor belts and similar permanent logistics equipment, meaning you and your employees can move good around in the most efficient way possible. However, getting a forklift truck onto your site is not as easy as it may seem. Initially, many people consider buying a permanent truck for their team, but this often incurs a large initial investment, not to mention it requires costs for long term repair and maintenance.

22 January 2018