Making sure our construction company is competitive

Even small construction companies can get in on bidding for jobs and competing with other companies hungry for work. You sometimes have to be clever about the way that you compete for tenders and you have to make sure we have the right equipment and materials to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible; we can to keep clients coming back. This can mean using a construction broker to make sure you get the right combo of new equipment and secondhand equipment to help the business succeed. This blog is about finding and choosing heavy construction equipment for your small scale construction company.

Understanding the Different Types of Earthmoving Equipment to Rent


If you're a homeowner looking to do some major work on your property, or a contractor taking on a large landscaping project, you may want to rent some earthmoving equipment. This will make the work easier and safer for you, and it may allow you to manage certain exterior renovation projects without hiring someone else to assist, or to do the work for you. Note a few different types of earthmoving equipment you might rent, so you know which would be the right choice for your particular project.


A trencher has a long blade in front of it that looks something like a chainsaw. As the name implies, this long blade is used to dig trenches or other such precise long and narrow channels. A trencher is often needed installing plumbing pipes, underground wiring, underground sprinklers, and the like.

Stump grinder

A stump grinder is different than a wood chipper in that this grinder is placed over a stump, and its front blades then work their way down, grinding and digging the stump while chipping the wood. This allows you to get rid of a tree stump without having to actually dig it up manually. You can also use a stump grinder to remove thick brush and shrubbery that would also be cumbersome and heavy to dig up with a shovel.

Concrete buggy

 A concrete buggy is a hand-driven machine, meaning that you don't actually get in a cab and steer it, but operate it while walking behind it. This buggy has a large, heavy-duty bucket at the front, and is used to move heavy concrete, brick, and other such materials. The buggy is more durable and stable than a standard trailer and, since it's freestanding, you don't need a tractor or other vehicle to tow the buggy, as you would a trailer.


Excavators and bobcats are two very popular pieces of earthmoving equipment, but it's good to note how they're a bit different from each other. An excavator will have a long, hinged arm with a narrow bucket in front, for digging deeper depths. The longer arm is also good for reaching over certain obstructions, such as a landscaping feature or tree.

A bobcat will have a wider bucket in its front, and its arm is much shorter. The bobcat might be used for digging wider but not deeper pits. Its larger bucket can also be used to push heavy objects out of the way, such as fallen tree branches, or to carry heavy materials from one spot to another. To learn more about your options, contact local bobcat hire services.


30 April 2018