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Even small construction companies can get in on bidding for jobs and competing with other companies hungry for work. You sometimes have to be clever about the way that you compete for tenders and you have to make sure we have the right equipment and materials to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible; we can to keep clients coming back. This can mean using a construction broker to make sure you get the right combo of new equipment and secondhand equipment to help the business succeed. This blog is about finding and choosing heavy construction equipment for your small scale construction company.

Options That You Should Consider When Buying Truck Seats


You can choose many extra features when you want to customise the new seat that you would like to purchase for your heavy-duty truck. This article discusses some of those options that could be beneficial to you as an owner-operator of a truck.

Cushion Design

The design of seat cushions varies from one manufacturer to another. Some seats may have cushions that are wide while others may have cushions that are compact and trim. The density of truck-seat cushions may also vary widely. For instance, some may be firm while others may be very soft. It may be advisable to visit a showroom so that you test which cushion design will give you the greatest level of comfort. You can also pick the material (leather, vinyl or cloth) and colour that is most appealing to you.

Lumbar Support

You should also consider how much protection each seat is giving to your back so that you do not feel the vibrations of the truck as you drive. Some truck seats have isolators between the seat and its frame so that the seat can float slightly in order to absorb the shock of truck vibrations. Others have isolators that allow the seat to move slightly from one side to another in order to absorb shocks. Some seats may also be fitted with additional shock absorbers in order to accommodate the weight of heavier drivers. Discuss these different lumber support options with the sales professional before you select what will work for you.


Suspended seats may rely on mechanical means of control or on air. Mechanical suspension seats do not have any automatic way to react to shocks. They simply move in accordance with how your body is responding to the vibrations of the truck. That movement helps to absorb some of the shock so that you do not feel fatigued as much as you would have felt if you were sitting in a rigid seat. Air suspension seats respond to vibrations by adjusting how hard or soft they are. Air suspensions rely on the truck's power supply to operator a compressor that is attached to the seat. The seat has sensors that trigger the compressor to add or reduce the air inside the seat during a vibration.

There is no reason why you should simply pick a truck seat from the shelf and fit it into your truck. Explore the options above and get the seat that will meet your specific requirements.


26 May 2016