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Even small construction companies can get in on bidding for jobs and competing with other companies hungry for work. You sometimes have to be clever about the way that you compete for tenders and you have to make sure we have the right equipment and materials to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible; we can to keep clients coming back. This can mean using a construction broker to make sure you get the right combo of new equipment and secondhand equipment to help the business succeed. This blog is about finding and choosing heavy construction equipment for your small scale construction company.

Top Benefits Associated With Using Scissor Lifts


Need to safely work at height and are looking to hire access equipment? You should give scissor lifts some consideration. This type of access equipment can be used to perform a wide range of aerial work jobs including window cleaning, wall painting, shelving, tree lopping, electrical work and so much more.

Here is a look at some of the great advantages that scissor lifts have to offer their users:


Safety is always key when you are working from an elevated platform. A scissor lift is generally equipped with two operation panels, one at the bottom of the equipment and the other on top of the platform. In the event of mechanical failure, equipment operators are provided with an emergency release lever, which can be used to safely release the pressure keeping the platform elevated so that the operators can smoothly move back to the ground. If the person working from high up is hurt, the operator on the ground can use the base control panel to bring down the person and seek medical assistance. The dual control system improves safety a great deal by allowing two workers control over the lift system.

Keep in mind that safety can never be guaranteed 100 percent when using any elevated work platform (EWP). Therefore, operators are encouraged to put on their harnesses, work helmets and any other personal protective equipment required when using scissor lifts. This can reduce the extent of injuries sustained in case of fall accidents.

Design flexibility

Scissor lifts come in a selection of different types, sizes and models. They can be powered by means of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical or pneumatic power. These EWPs can be lifted both when they are stationary and in motion, something that can be fairly beneficial for people who need to move as they work.

Better yet, instead of using a standard scissor lift on a tough terrain, you could rent an all-terrain scissor lift. This is an option that accomplishes the same tasks as a regular lift but is specifically designed to bear up to all sorts of unusual ground. Usually, all-terrain scissor lifts are equipped with four-by-four drivetrains rather than the traditional 2WD mechanism preferred by most equipment makers because the engine is conveniently located near the front. Off-terrain, an all-terrain model will provide the operators with better skid resistance and grip on the ground.  

Clearly, manufacturers design scissor lifts with the particular needs of different jobs and the various working environments in mind.


28 September 2016