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Even small construction companies can get in on bidding for jobs and competing with other companies hungry for work. You sometimes have to be clever about the way that you compete for tenders and you have to make sure we have the right equipment and materials to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible; we can to keep clients coming back. This can mean using a construction broker to make sure you get the right combo of new equipment and secondhand equipment to help the business succeed. This blog is about finding and choosing heavy construction equipment for your small scale construction company.

Earthmoving Equipment to Consider for Clearing Homestead Land


Purchasing land for homesteading purposes is becoming increasingly popular. More and more people are moving to homesteading options to live a sustainable life. These means larger purchases of land, and purchasing land that may need to be cleared at some point. If this is the case, then you may need to go with an earthmoving equipment hire to get the job done. Here are a few of the pieces of equipment you may want to consider.

Brush Mower

A brush mower is the first piece of equipment you may want to consider when you clear land for homesteading. Most earthmoving equipment hires will carry this equipment in various sizes and forms. The brush mower handles clearing overgrown areas of land, saplings, and larger areas of briar filled brush that would be difficult to remove by hand. The brush mower can be hired in either a push option for smaller areas or a tow behind that can be attached to a riding lawnmower or ATV.

Brush Grabber

You may have heard of brush mowers, and similar mowers, before but a brush grabber may be something new to you. Brush grabbers are available in various sizes to handle different levels of removal and clearing tasks. The basic concept behind the grabber is to latch metal jaws around a tree stump, sapling, or similar growth. This grabber is then attached by a chain to a vehicle such as a tractor, and pulled. As the grabber is pulled, the force of the pull will pull out the unwanted brush and allow you to drag it to a disposal area.

Stump Grinders

Even the best brush mowers and grabbers may not be able to remove all the stumps. These remaining stumps make the land uneven and may prohibit growth of certain sustainable plants. You can remove these stumps, and give yourself suitable growing mulch, by using a stump grinder. Stump grinders can be placed over the stumps while blades work to break up and break down the stumps to below ground level. The area can the be evened out with fill dirt and used for sustainable farming and homesteading.

These are just a few pieces of earthmoving equipment that you may want to consider when you are clearing land for homesteading. If you do not have the right certification or training, please consider hiring a contractor for the task as well. You can get pricing and equipment delivery options by calling your local earthmoving equipment hire representative.


27 October 2017