Making sure our construction company is competitive

Even small construction companies can get in on bidding for jobs and competing with other companies hungry for work. You sometimes have to be clever about the way that you compete for tenders and you have to make sure we have the right equipment and materials to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible; we can to keep clients coming back. This can mean using a construction broker to make sure you get the right combo of new equipment and secondhand equipment to help the business succeed. This blog is about finding and choosing heavy construction equipment for your small scale construction company.

Choosing the Right Mobile Crane Hire


Mobile cranes have great versatility in terms of transporting construction loads. The right mobile crane hire company will be very helpful to the construction project. There are different kinds of mobile cranes, and the one you need to hire will depend on the project you want to be done. You also have to consider the weight and the kind of terrain your project has. If you have never hired a mobile crane before, you can use the tips given here on the things you need to consider.

Which Types of Cranes Are Available?

Before choosing a mobile crane hire company, you need to understand which one is needed for the project since the different cranes are for specific purposes. Contacting a specialist on mobile cranes before making a decision is something you need to do. You are going to have a better understanding of what crane you need to hire for the job.

Weight Requirements

When you call a mobile crane hire company, they will ask you how much you are planning to lift. Take into consideration the heaviest ones on the site and know their weight. In case you are not knowledgeable about crane power, the company can help you with this after you have explained it to them. Mobile cranes are made with different carrying capacities; some are able to handle 5 tonnes, and some can lift more than that. When hiring a company, keep in mind that when they extend the hydraulic legs, there is less weight capacity.


The terrain on the construction site impacts the mobile crane you choose. The reason behind this is that the terrain is going to affect the mobile crane's manoeuvrability. The mobile crane hire company will ask you if the ground is muddy, rough or soft. You need to have these in mind when you need to evaluate the terrain on the work site.

Experience of the Personnel

You must remember that you are supposed to be hiring only trained specialists who can operate the crane. This is the reason why experience is important when you are finding the mobile crane hire company. Ask to see the registration of the company and mobile crane licences to make sure you are hiring a credible and reputable company.

These are what you need to consider when looking for a mobile crane hire company. You must remember all of these tips and follow them before anything else because it is crucial.     


15 March 2019