Earth Moving Equipment: A Guide


If you are carrying out a construction project on your property which requires earth to be moved, you may be considering hiring some heavy construction equipment. Below is a guide to the different types of earthmoving equipment which are available for hire and details of which types of work they are most suited to. Bulldozers The large plate on the front of a bulldozer makes it the ideal choice if you need to level large areas of ground.

14 September 2016

Four Signs You Need a Soakwell on the Property You Are Purchasing


A soakwell is a container that gets buried underground, and its sole purpose is to catch rainwater and then slowly disperse it into the surrounding ground. Soakwells can help with a number of situations, and if you have recently bought a property, you may be wondering if you need a soakwell. Here are some signs you should consider one: 1. Basements on the property tend to flood If you are buying a property with buildings on it, you want to look into the flooding situation of the buildings.

9 September 2016

Tips for Becoming a Tower Crane Operator


Crane operators have one of the most important jobs on any worksite. It might seem like a simple job, sitting up in the crane cabin all day pulling levers and pushing buttons, but the sheer number of workplace accidents involving cranes every year proves this is not the case. That said, crane operators enjoy great conditions such as a median salary well above the national average and an enclosed workspace, unlike many of their colleagues on the ground!

7 September 2016

Reasons Why You Should Consider a Home Demolition Over Renovation


Your family is growing, and your current home is no longer big enough to accommodate it. The structure itself is old and could benefit from some extensive repair work. Worse still, you love the neighborhood and do not wish to move to a bigger house elsewhere. Should you renovate your existing home to satisfy the needs of your growing family, or should you demolish the structure and build a new one?

30 August 2016

Ideas for Planning a Vegas-Style Party With a Hired Bobcat


Every year, well over a million Australians travel to the United States, and many of them head to Las Vegas. There, aside from gambling, there are many things to do including a lifesize "sandbox" for grownups where you can play with diggers, bulldozers and other heavy equipment. If you want to have this kind of fun but don't want to spend the time crossing the pond, you can create your own personal fun.

29 August 2016

Options That You Should Consider When Buying Truck Seats


You can choose many extra features when you want to customise the new seat that you would like to purchase for your heavy-duty truck. This article discusses some of those options that could be beneficial to you as an owner-operator of a truck. Cushion Design The design of seat cushions varies from one manufacturer to another. Some seats may have cushions that are wide while others may have cushions that are compact and trim.

26 May 2016

The Benefits of Obtaining Your Heavy Vehicle Licence Through the CBT & A Programme


Many ways can be used to obtain a heavy vehicle licence in Australia. One of the most common ways is by going through the competence-based training and assessment (CBT & A) programme. This article discusses the reasons why this programme would be a suitable way for you to obtain your heavy vehicle licence. You Move at Your Pace One reason why conventional learning is very stressful is that people have a test deadline at the back of their mind.

18 April 2016

Three Considerations for Choosing a Bulldozer for Your Construction Business


The process of earthmoving is critical in every construction business, so it is advisable to invest in some pertinent equipment for your operations. One of the heavy machines that you should consider purchasing is the bulldozer. This type of equipment is strong and can handle large volumes of dirt in worksites. Moreover, they can perform important tasks such as grading, ditching, backfilling and demolition when handled by an experienced operator. Unfortunately, selecting the right equipment for your business can be difficult, even for people who are knowledgeable about the industry.

15 April 2016